Required training for all used car salespersons is a great idea

Assemblyman Tom Lackey 36th District

AB 2026: Used Car Salesperson Certification

Currently, California used car dealers are required
to be licensed by the Department of Motor
Vehicles. In addition, California used car dealers
must complete an educational program that covers
topics such as vehicle financing, advertising,
odometers, air pollution requirements, and
department forms. When a dealer completes the
course and passes the exam, they are then
required to display their license at the
establishment where the dealing takes place.
Lastly, dealers must take continuing education
courses and must apply for a new license every two
The Problem
Because used car dealers are required to complete
educational courses and in effect, become more
knowledgeable on the practice of selling vehicles.
However, a salesperson, who is typically the first
point of contact at a dealership, who consumers
rely on to communicate accurate and factual
information, are not required to complete
educational courses on the aforementioned topics.
Furthermore, it is normal for a salesperson to
handle the entire car-purchasing experience, from
the initial greeting to the vehicle purchase
transaction. The same education requirements
should exist for a salesperson licensee working in
the used car dealer industry as is currently
mandated for dealership owners.
A used car is one the most expensive items a
consumer will ever purchase. A salesperson should
have a complete understanding of the laws and
regulations of the auto industry so that consumers
can be assured they are not being misled, either
unintentionally or otherwise. A used car
salesperson should have the proper training and
education to ensure they are following all
applicable laws. This will prove to be mutually
beneficial for consumers and used car sales
professionals, for it will enhance the car-shopping
experience for both the consumer and for the
What This Bill Will Do
AB 2026 will require all used car salespeople to
complete a continuing education program and
maintain a current certificate from a DMV
accredited program, the same as which dealers are
required to complete every other year as a
condition of dealer license renewal. The
Continuing Education curriculum provides
education and reinforcement on topics such as, but
not limited to vehicle financing, advertising,
odometers, air pollution requirements, and
department forms. Continuing Education
certificates are valid for a period of two years.
Lastly, AB 2026 requires the dealer at which the
salesperson works for, to retain physical evidence
of completion of the educational program at the
site which the salesperson works. This bill will not
interfere with salesperson licensing or salesperson
licensing renewal by the Department of Motor
Who is the staff contact for this bill?
Mark Isidro
(916) 319-2036
Who are the sponsor contacts for this bill?
Bill Dohring
(916) 419-8296
Larry Laskowski
(916) 893-3306